Which Ethanol Extraction Systems Are Best For You?

Although there are many ways to perform cannabis extraction, the most popular method is to use ethanol. Ethanol is the fastest way and one of the safer ways to extract chemicals for cannabis-related products.

Technological advancements have made it possible to improve how well ethanol works as an extraction method, and many systems are now able to draw out cannabinoids without a large amount of unwanted plant compounds.

With the understanding that ethanol is a safer option for those looking for a fast and effective way to extract, here’s how you can decide which ethanol extraction systems are the best for the job.

Systems With Low-Pressure Designs

Low-pressure-based ethanol extraction systems can produce a large amount of product in a short period of time, making them excellent timesavers. When freezing pressure is used, there is no longer any need for dewaxing or winterization, reducing the time it takes to produce a large amount of cannabis.

Low-pressure designs are also effective at creating product with less of a safety risk than other alternatives.

Low-pressure systems function under the following process:

  • extremely cold ethanol is sprayed onto the entirety of the hemp plant
  • negative pressure guides the final extraction into a closed chamber
  • leftover impurities are removed using micron filtration

Vacuum-Dependent Or Closed Unit Systems

Using a heated vacuum unit, ethanol extracts chemicals with lower temperatures in a closed-loop unit. Adding a vacuum makes it possible to make quality batches in a safer way than alternative extraction methods.

Many vacuum-based systems are also self-contained so that the solution and product move together into one unit, meaning less clean-up mess for you.

Vapor And Heat Systems

Another option to consider is a vapor and heat system. By suspending a perforated basket with ground plant material over a body of solvent:

  • vapor ultimately spreads in droplets over the basket for an even extraction
  • a condenser is placed over the basket
  • steam condenses
  • the solvent vaporizes, liquifying onto the condenser
  • droplets fall to specific points until the solvent meets the bottom of the extractor

Although heat is used to create vaporization, you can use a vacuum to lower the temperature and get the same results.

Putting Everything Together

Technology continues to evolve with new equipment options for ethanol extraction in the attempt to meet industry standards. Choosing extraction equipment that is self-contained, safe, and able to process more cannabis at once is the smartest way to go.